Not really a review of Gone Girl (book & movie)

I started reading Gone Girl last night… I read more this morning.  I made it to 48% (reading on kindle)… and then I headed to Matinee Club to see the movie.  I was kicking myself for not having finished reading it before seeing the movie. But… both of my friends wanted to see Gone Girl.  […]

A Week and 5 Girls


I spent the last week of August in Ithaca, NY at my brother’s house.  My sister-in-law, Erica, was working.  My brother, Jim, was starting a new job.  And… our 5 girlies had a week until school started.  Sounds like fun right? Loading See saw see saw. #ithaca #ny View on Instagram Can’t go to Ithaca […]

Pretty flowers… and my awesome niece.


These were the only photos I took on Labor Day.    Everyone likes to look at pretty pictures right? Pretty yellow flowers. Pretty pink flowers. More pretty pink flowers. And my pretty & awesome niece Larisa.  (I have 5 nieces… we make a lot of girls.)  I love when we get to send all of […]

Yes. I know it’s October.


I believe I am the only blogger on earth that didn’t post photos of their kids’ first day of school.  I figured I would fix that (a month later).  I heard somewhere that if a blogger doesn’t post first day of school photos the school year doesn’t count… so ya know… gotta comply even if […]

TypeA Parent Conference was just full of awesome.


Type A Parent Conference was in September and I never even mentioned a word about it.  I’d like to describe it in one word… but there is no way.  It was all kinds of awesome.  It’s where I find my people.  I’ve already bought my ticket for next year. I had a gorgeous view from […]

Inside vs. Outside

Emmett is totally into being an outdoor cat. Loading Emmett is pretending to be a rain forest cat. #catsofinstagram #cat View on Instagram And Bailey… well, let’s just say Bailey is not interested. Loading   Bailey is just not amused.  She’s happy staying inside… even with the door wide open. #catsofinstagram #cat View on Instagram

Had a blast at Bottle Hill Day.


Bottle Hill Day was September 27th. The weather was gorgeous. We ran into a billion friends wandering the streets. We at amazing pulled pork sliders and refreshing snow cones. As always… fun was had.

My So-Called Blog


This blog…. it’s been totally mediocre for quite a time now. I’m sorry. I’m going to try to fix it. How bout we start with some time travel via pic posts? If nothing else… I can do a year in reverse pic dump posting right?  Everyone likes pictures right? Be on the lookout… I swear […]

A Kid Free Day at Jenkinson’s


I’m just sitting here thinking of our last trip to Jenkinson’s.  It was a month ago yesterday that we waved to the kids as they got on the bus for the first Friday of school (can you believe the kids have been in school for a whole month???)… and then we hopped in the car […]